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Dababy - Rocks In Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Rocks In lyrics performed by Dababy. We have tried to make the Rocks In song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Intro: DaBaby & Offset]
Hoo (Durel made the beat, I'ma rock with it)

[Verse 1: DaBaby & Offset]
I pull up in the Double-R Ghost with no tint on the windows
Lil' bitch givin' top in it (What you do?)
I look at my watch, I got rocks in it (Ice)
Heat the thirty round, yeah, that's the Glock finish (Let's go)

[Verse 2: DaBaby]
Heat 'em up, put that boy in the pot with me (Ha)
Cool him off if that boy with a hot Glizzy (Hot)
I just went, got my BM a rover
Took 500K, took that to the lot with me (Zoom)

[Verse 3: Offset]
From the AM to PM, I stop billin' (AM to PM)
This a house on my wrist, this a Richard Mille (Richard Mille)
I just took the top off of the caterpillar (White)
I get you spent for a half a nigga (Spent)

[Verse 4: DaBaby]
The same niggas who ridin', they layin' with you (Ride)
As soon as they slide, I'ma pay the ticket (Let's go)
Somebody gon' die[…]

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