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Da Monstar Mob - Fabulous Lyrics

[Chorus: all w/ ad-libs]
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous, fabulous

We turn to monsters, when it's time to serve imposters
Hands on the roster, dreaded so much they turn to rastas
Fronting like MC's, you actors just deserve an Oscar
I split a flow, and boil you alive, like burning lobsters
Cook your heart and eat it once I crack your chest
But express ain't screaming at your corpse, checkmate
Whoever drops a rotten poem, I rock his dome
Sticking needles in your face like Hellraiser, to show I got it throne
My mind is gone, I'm still seaking where I lost it
Got you bitch MC's blunt licking like Farrah Fawcett
Aww shit, leaving ya'll split like open Vegas
Hoping haters invading your turf like the Oakland Raiders

[Black Bull]
Murderous kinning when I'm in it, the black body bag fitting
Black Bull up in it, gripping these fucking children
Of they own, my ring got roam and hold it down
Yo bring the four pound, and now I got the clown when I tear it down
Where gangstas from, chump ass bitches that wanna act tough
Ya'll up, but still I got you cross open a blood rush
To conquer us, you know the Bull don't leave these niggas conscious
That's nonsense, you keeping me heated like I'm the narcs

[Chorus w/ Doc Doom ad-libs]

I hood ride like the Earth surface, mentally
When somebody ask you who be serving, mention me
I'm a fugitive at large, erasing the taping charge
Once a hundred if you ain't thinking the merger get out of dodge
And calling the squad, it's little sheet, feel the slaughter
Cuz battling me is harder than sleeping up under water
Put that on my two daughters, you niggas is homos
How you gon' aim for some cess, when you don't know where the scope is
I got my eyes on the prize, never losing focus
If rap was Christianity, I would be where the Pope is
Show me love, cuz you don't friction, you better listen
Cuz what I'm spitting, you really can't afford to be missing

After long isolation, and scientific preparation
My underground corporation release tracks of combination
No hating, and my demonstration, illustrating higher skill
That's real, born to build, communicate and levetate
Observe the situation, now which style prefered?
Strike harder than you pierce a nerve
Six million words to die, or kill a mockingbird
Which herb? Walking wizard, making miracles, talking blizzard
I leave you frozen, make fume from your fossiles
I battle with fallen angels, the city's jungle
Clash of the cannibals, spiritual vandal
You ain't got ammo, that you can see an action like glass pianos
I shoot cannons from the control panel
And build city with one finger, cuz my tracks'll linger
Have it off the hook wit a broken ringer, you scream when I bring it
From the vein to the grain

[Doc Doom]
Who wanna go toe to toe wit the rhyme pro, Doc Doom, my rhyme flows
Stick out, way more than sore thumbs on albinos
Black Knights the name, West Coast Killa Bee Gang
We bang on niggas, quick to put flame to nigga
For talking shit, you know I'm rolling wit the hardest quick
Starting shit, gang bangers slash artistes
All in this, game here something marvelous
So pardon us, cuz homey, you don't really want no part of us
I'm telling you, bailing off is what you better do
Before I bring my weapon through and make bullets bring death to you

[Chorus w/ Doc Doom ad-libs]

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