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D.a.y. - The Feeling Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Feeling lyrics performed by D.a.y.. We have tried to make the The Feeling song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Feat. KJ

[D.A.Y - Hook]
You got me feeling how I've never felt/
Felt this way wit no one else/
Girl I'm glad I met you/
You the reason that I write this way/
Got me feeling some type of way/
So tell me what's a man to do/
When he can't have what he wants/
And you got what he needs/
When he looks at these girls/
Your all that he sees/
But you just wanna be friends/
But he wants your forever cuz he knows he can treat you better/

[D.A.Y - Verse 1]
Now all these otha suckas you let hurt you/
I feel like it's past my time like a curfew/
I tell you every time that homie just running game/
But you don't believe me and every time it ends the same/
Then you texting me talking about you can't trust these men/
And explain how you will never fall love again/
But I don't see it, for real I don't see it/
The one whose always there for you the one you can't be with?/
You say you don't wanna mess up this friend shit/
But what's a relationship without friendship/
I think you just confused, you used to these other dudes/
But I promise none of them love you like I do/
I do, I do, solemnly swear that I will treat you like a queen/
At nights I can't sleep cuz baby you my dream/
But to be with out you is a night mare/
Love is war, and baby I don't fight fair/


[KJ - Verse 2]
She gotta slim waist fat ass
Deez bitches is blunts
We jus puff puff pass
Workin deez thots cuz they physically fuckd unstable creatures das mentally tough
I gets in her ribs like
Sit ups n crunch ups
Leaving da bitch cut up
So I cut ha
No knife play
I get mo ass den jeans
N my chips keep me frito layed
Here what I'm saying
You think we give fuck bout a bitch or thot or a undercover hoe dat got her hands out
Better put dem hands together
An get to prayin now
Dey all sold to vanity
N Jesus can't save em now
Cuz they layin roun
Trying playa every nigga
An most of you niggas is suckas
Becuase you fall right into it
But Jizzle stand ten toes down
I'm stronger then that, I love you but I can't be wack!


And that's some real shit.
If I aint truly care I would have tried my luck.
We been friends for some years now, and I
Aint even try to fuck.
That's how u kno it's real!

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