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D-sisive - The Stranded Lyrics

The world went mad, afraid of its shadow
Anarchy in the United Kingdom
Vicious children, sniffing cola, dripping noses
Windshield stomped by the soles of the steel toe
The timid hit shivering trying to breathe slow
and not trip in the pit of the freak show
Nuns and preachers screaming "Where did peace go?"
"Where's the love?" like a Black Eyed Peas opus
Tryin to promote the gospel of the dear Lord
But it was too late to read or believe quotes
Another molotov cocktail ignited
and tossed through the window of a Honda hybrid
Parked in front of a hydrant, the call of the siren imitated none
The fingers of children imitated guns - aiming at the planets
You'll never take me alive said the stranded

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We can't keep following a rainbow
We can't keep wishing on a, star
We can't beg blood from the same stone
We can't keep killing who we, are

D-sisive lyrics