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Cyhi The Prynce - Tool Lyrics

[Verse 1: CyHi]
I'm paranoid, but I ain't scared, It all started on bankhead
Got jumped by six niggas, thank God I ain't dead
Went to school with a black eye, I'm like fuck it I'm that guy
Plus I'm that fly but can't act like some people didn't laugh when I pass by
So I went and bought me a deuce deuce, a little rusty but it do shoot
Never was the one to tote a gun, but everybody in my crew do
Cause we probably ran the train on a nigga main girl like chu chu
Why you mad at me, dog, cause your girl nasty like Couscous
I stay strapped like the task force, and I bought it for the jack boys
Cause I run with niggas who make bank off the glass
And I ain't talking about the backboard
Just when I got me a five seven, nigga I'm bout to spend bout a rack for it
So if a nigga try to harm me, no need to ask

I pull my tool on a hater (tool on a hater) [x4]
Tote ya toast from to LA to Chicago, New Orleans
And if a hater runs up on your car door let it ring

[Verse 2: Trouble]
You see the motherfucker tool here?
Make a nigga forget about it, no rules here
Initiated for hatin' the conversation I was having with a woman
The [?] on my face?, and then he thought about the bustin [?]
The video for how I really get down in the public
No mercy, it's nothin', no bluffin'
You got a decision, I suggest you lose life over something
Click clack, blaow, nother man down
Not promoting the violence, but there's too many niggas wildin
In the city where it's shitty, and I pity you fools
That's the reason older people out here carrying tools
Younger brothers like to walk around just thinking it's cool
With no education, they ain't even thinking of school
With no money in their pocket or they wallet, scratch that
Don't even got the fund to run and go and top that
But everybody wanna sag pants, hang on the corner
Smokin' marijuana claiming they gangsta
I'll show ya gangsta when I pull out a banger
I'll put you on a respirator, I pull this tool on you haters


[Verse 3: Pill]
See what happened was, I was trappin' cause
Before I really gave a fuck what rappin' was
The nicks and the dimes I would bag em up
On the block where I had to have a gat to bust
Hey what's that sound in the back of us
The blackest truck is backin' up, I'm mad as fuck
It might just be these hoes
Listen Brit Brit you on
It's a motherfuckin yay trap
And if you on the snitch shit bitch you stay strapped
ASAP take that like Puff, some niggas pulled up like bro what's up
And opened up both doors
And I don't really know them so you know I'm gonna go on with my hand on the motherfuckin'.44
They like what's up? I'm like not shit
With this chrome thing full of hot shit
He reached for his and I let it fly
And it's a guarantee somebody got hit (Okay then)
And the moral of the story not to fuck with the kid
While I'm servin' like a waiter
Cause I never hesitate ta
Up shirt and pull a tool on a motherfuckin hater


Cyhi The Prynce lyrics