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Cyhi The Prynce - Slick Lyrics

[Intro: x7]

They slick acting like haters, they slick acting like hoes
They slick jocking my ride, they slick jocking my clothes
I'm slick getting this money, I'm slick getting this dough
Everything be slick, I should put slick all in my flows

[Verse 1]
What you know about slick talk, nigga I'm a Zone 6 boss
My neck is ice and my wrist frost, tell them broke niggas get lost
My Jesus piece, that slick costs, yo clique weak, y'all slick soft
Don't get hit with that thumper nigga, tryna jump a nigga like Kris Kross
I'm fresh as hell in this slick fit, yo girl, I slick hit
Trust me dog, I ain't lying, I don't tell stories that's Slick Rick
Took her to the crib, pick six, I swing wood, I switch hit
My money long like Stacey Augmon, bitch I'm balling, I'm 6'6"
Shawty slick be hating, all that misbehaving
Don't get a hater fucked up and I ain't tryna be Pagan
I treat bitches like bank accounts, I don't ever be chasing
I slick be checking hoes, y'all slick be saving

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
I'm slick this, slick that, I'm with a fit bitch with a six pack
She asked me how her hair look, I said I like it better when it's slicked back
Riding 'round with a slick rack, got a lot of hoes I'm a slick mack
Damn girl, you fine as hell, and that ass is slick fat
Ha, I'm slicker than a can of oil
Some hoes say I'm mean, some hoes say I'm spoiled
If the bitch is Spanish, she cook arroz con pollo
I slick be smoking tree, you slick be smoking soil
I'm talking slick, do you understand my slanguage?
I'm still fucking with the same niggas I used to slang with
You slick jealous, you just mad cause you ain't slick
I got these lames pissed cause I'm slick with they main bitch

[Chorus x2]

Cyhi The Prynce lyrics