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Cunninlynguists - The Morning Lyrics

Here I'm standing naked
Your search for answers will end in agony
Here I'm standing naked ("Me too..")
One thing's for certain that is my destiny

[Psalm One]
I give you everything, yo...
Standing in front of you naked crying again and I feel like a tyrant
I told you once that I loved you more than music - I was lying!
But I swear you're the closest second, and I am the most depressive
But you really make me better, and I really tried to let ya
This angry love a lecture, vulnerability measures
You calm me with your presence, when you leave me I get reckless
So I'm retchin, and hopefully I throw up all these Catch 22's
How could you win when I'm losing me, fool?
Sucks to be truth that we through but we not
Catch us in bed it's so oooh~! We three hot
Maximum pressure for you to see right through my heart
You so smart, you can pick me apart
Playing the cards I was dealt as an only child with a single mom
I got, abandonment issues for days and if you make me mad I'm gone
So I'm wrong, now come and make me right while my eyes are dancing
You see just how I'm standing, plus I'm a Cancer

Here I'm standing naked
Your search for answers will end in agony
Here I'm standing naked
One thing's for certain that is my destiny

Naked as in assed-out, dusted without a cent
Sex was twerkin for us and love spray was the scent
Made it rain while we singles, so emotionally spent
While building our house of love, she came up short on the rent
Fell head over heels/hills but couldn't feel the decent
The quicker the lights flicker, the quicker the liquor hits
I was feral, out to get lucky, her ass was heaven above me
And I was dying to go there as soon the spirits touched me
Club lights can turn Misses Fugly to Misses Fucks Me
Cus I ain't talkin slick trick, don't confuse it with rusty
We left our love in that condom under your sister's truck seat
My bucket wasn't fly enough for you after our first meet
No need to be thirsty, no need to rehearse the
One night standing between you and your next me
Send me a nice picture, you still thick as a swap meet
But stop callin, breathing hard and whispering to me softly..


Yo, you prob'ly thinking that you know me, huh?
Know me so well that you can't show me none
Well I showed you once, I know that, I told you only once
and what you do? Take the full nine yards and scored a touch
But your hand went right through me, you thought you knew me, huh?
Thought that you could see me when you woke up but you woke up
and you know what? You prol'ly realize that you ain't know much
The Cold Crush, the "so-what-you-told-your-homies-for-four-months" like
"We was so drunk," even though you learn to roll blunts
Now how you think I feel about that? You used to feel my tracks
Feel my raps, tell me who you finna' know as real as that
It's true, you could see right through me but see me truly
Don;t think that you could screw me and tell your homegirls you used me
Like you didn't know this nigga know such-and-such and know so-and-so
But honestly? I know how you really feel when you close the do'
and I'm right there, Mr. Invisible in your right ear
It's funny how one night can make you feel like it's a year
but yeah, fo' real...

Cunninlynguists lyrics