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Crotchduster - Jogging In Hell Forever Lyrics

You Thought It Was A Toothbrush
But It Was A Flashlight
Broke Out All Your Teeth
In The Middle Of The Night

When I Was A Boy
When I Was A Man
Eating In A Boat
Dying In A Dream
Jaking In A Magic Land
Thats Made From Shiny Teeth
40 Little Girls And Boys
Eating All Their Siblings Toys
Waiting For A Train Inside
A Russian Immigration Tank
Craving Unpubescent Narcoleptic
Peeled And Sauted Shrimp
Im Feeling Kind Of Nausious
Cause Your Mama Was A Pimpy Man

Now Im A Toothless Shitbag
But I Can See At Night
I Hope Aliens Impregnate Me
With A Clone Of Wayne Newton

Who Is Senator Williams
What Has He Done For Me
4 Hits Of Bubble Bath
Laced And Cut With Cheese
Pasturized With Milk
Sedated With The Danish
Cinnabun Has Just Begun
To Take Over Your Teeth

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