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Copia - The Awakening Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Awakening lyrics performed by Copia. We have tried to make the The Awakening song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Can we begin to listen
And visualise
Or do we go on living to our demise
Instead of running from reality
We could rise up together
And face it

Diffuse all fear
Escape it's atmosphere
The wait is over

And you feeling this
We've come to let you know
It's nothing mythical or biblical
We're awakening
So surrender to it all
We'll bring it to you

Can we hear the voice of our higher self
Or are we losing sight of our destiny
We've gotta stand up
Take out the truth
Residing in us
Rise up thogether
And lead the way

We'll bring it to you
We're awakening
The wait is over
We'll bring it to you

Caught in a wake and we can't escape it
But the forces at work that have held us down
Will fade away
And soon we'll be floating
Rising higher
And leading the way

Copia lyrics