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Copia - Transcending Lyrics

You've been in overdrive
And visions of the future
We're buried in a phase of self destruction
And you've been hypnotized
By the lies of institution
But a memory inside you still survives

We're starting a new life
No longer enslaved by rules we believe

But it's never over until we
Free the fallen souls
Trapped in disillusion
Transcend who we are
We're calling out for a new tomorrow

Can you clear the mind
Of tension that's surrounding
The hour of elation has arrived
Delusions now denied
And your future with no meaning
Will wither in the lies you leave behind

It's time for a revolution
We need to redefine
It's time for a revolution
A revolution for our minds

It's time for a revolution
Break the illusion now

Unveiled for all to see
A change in our destiny
Enlighten a generation

Now we've started paying the way
To our eternal destination

Copia lyrics