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Congress - Reality Conspiracy Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Reality Conspiracy lyrics performed by Congress. We have tried to make the Reality Conspiracy song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

What is reality?
It's a conspiraty.
Nothing but the impuls of our brain through actions of our senses.
Mankind is the disease, they have the cure.
Centuries of ignorance passed by in the hands of the oppressor.
Join the conspiraty and release the enemy within.
We are not searching for the truth, the truth is searching for us.
As the opposite of their kind, we are insignificant.
Used as tools in their hands to convert our minds.
When we have the answers to their questions,
we need no longer to serve, our mission will be complete.
The key to liberation lies in wisdom.
To tackle the legs that walk us,
to deafen the ears that command us.
To blind the eyes that shut ours.
Against the grain lies the end of all our pain.
What binds will blind us,
each man for himself to lift the curse of the conspiraty.
My all our wishes be fulfilled by ourselves

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