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Colonist - Fallacious Appeal Lyrics

We finally found or place in the debt of leaders
History shows us the path of this fallacy
Is this a nation of liars and cowards?
Media outlets have failed, these faulty factions bring us

Falsified fact in spite of the deaths;
Spreading chaos throughout the world.
They get what they want in spite of their debt,
Their tactics have got fallacious appeal

Ill never see how anyone believes what they say.
Fucking anything that comes out of their mouths is always hope but just
Lies to our faces, you fucking disgraces

So whats the real deal baby,
Dont get nothing for free
Ill never compromise my intellect
To make an amends, you see
I have a big problem with your broken regime
But I got no problem with shrugging off
This fabricated dream -

Youre all the same
And no one owes you a thing

Arrogance, straight the fools who detest such things.
Perilous. Extending the aftermath; transpired quick.
Great conceit, welcoming; Take note and laugh like its their fault.
And slay the weak, purging what once was real

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