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Cold 187um (big Hutch) - Layin Low Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Layin Low lyrics performed by Cold 187um (big Hutch). We have tried to make the Layin Low song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Welcome to Las Vegas
It's a beautiful sunny day
If there's anything you else you need
Say anything at all
Your Ferrari's outside, Have a wonderful day

[Verse 1]
See the last hit I made caused a killer hella heat
[Hella heat] So I decided to lay low for a couple of weeks
See usually, I don't get no days off
I could be in the middle of fucking a bad bitch and still I'ma take the call
So all bets is off,Even though I'm out in Vegas throwing my dick a party
[Ok] Three the hard way, Three times the charm
I had a white one, a black one, a Puerto Rican
[Woowee!] Cot sweet I'm doin it big at the palms
Big chief's I'm freeing my mind in another zone
Ain't no question I'm a boss player
[Boss player] Ain't no question I do it big everytime I play Vegas
[Everytime I play Vegas] I ain't think of doin nothin but fuckin
And fucking off some money, Keep the pussy and the drinks comin
I guess I'm tryin to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off
Woo, Damn

I'm laying low,I drop the top on the whip then I cock my hat
I'm laying low,I'm pos and lean back cause I rock like that
I'm laying low, I don't know where this road lead me and don't care
I'm laying low, But don't think I forgot my gat

[Verse 2]
See I'm the motherfucking true flavor [flavor], True as I can be
I'm on the beach wit an exotic bitch chilling in Miami
[Chilling in Miami] Body's shaped like an hour glass
[Woo] Super bad long hair big ass like Kim Kardashian
And you know a killer smashin
Knock the lining out the pussy in a gangsta fashion
Hit the club, Do it big all night
Bossed up like Scarface, Livin the high life
[Ha] Hit South Beach, Top down on the Spider
Killin em softly crawlin like a rider
Trick off this dough with this Creole bitch from N.O.
She stand about six-one when she steppin in stiletto's
I let the bitch earn a keep
[Earn ya keep] She ain't trippin I'm a killer, She an all-out freak
[All-out freak] Dog, Maybe I'm trying to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off
Hey, Uh huh


[Verse 3]
See I'm tryin to stay focused and keep my head straight
But it's hard to do so I took a trip down to the A
[Ok] And everytime I touch down in the A
I shut it down for real and do it big my way
I probably cracked the baddest bitch in my life pure fire
Ass like Nicki Minaj, Titties like Mariah
And you can see the way she worked up on it
There was a no ?? for a stripper she would bring home the gold
See I can fall in love wit a town like this
It's laid back but still got the Hollywood twist
Sip drinks, Play the major spots
[Major spots] Fuck wit supermodels, Push classic drops
It's a hell of a place to just lay low in
So know for sho I'm comin back again wit friends
The next time I'm trying to escape it all
Cause sometimes even a killer needs some time off

Chorus 2x


Ah baby

[Phone rings]

[Cold 187um]
Hold on, Hold on, Hold on, Bitch, Hold on, Hold on
I gotta get this, I gotta get this
What up?

[Answering Machine]
Stand by for a message from the company

The location: New York City
The mark: Willie Broscoe of the Pherazano family
Big Rick will have all the information you need
Leave immediately

Murder, Mur mur
Murder, Mur mur
Mur mur

Cold 187um (big Hutch) lyrics