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Code Red - It's Not Right Lyrics

I didn't know it, I was too blind to see
Today you walked out of my life
So tell me why did you decide you had to go
You didn't call or even try let me know
Where you are, is it far?

It's not right, it's not it fair?
How could you leave me on my own
It's not right, it's not fair
The love we had was strong
It's not right for you to leave
It's not right to leave me here
It's not right, and baby, it's not fair

Is it over, is it really the end?
Cause I don't understand what I could have done
You could have said, you should have made me realise
It's so easy for you just to take the time
Tell me why, tell me why


Could it be that I loved on my own
Cause I don't understand
I thought our house was our home
If you say that you love
Then you say you're not sure
Then you say that you don't
Then tell me when
Then tell me why
Then tell me how


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