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Clinton Sparks - Internet Friends (the Die Trap Remix) Lyrics

I ain't a surfer but
I welcome you to my awesome life!
It's totally radical!
Hey, Clinton Sparks, tell them to get familiar!
I hope they know the slogan
If not, show go on!
Bitch, we're getting money on this side!

Ha ha ha
Jim Jones is back
Get familiar!
And now you are going to die!

I take you ...
Long way from gazing to the stars
Them... the way we pop our bitch, we bend it ours
You push them up, put them up
To the penthouse you can send the hoes
Fifty Twenty K on a Vegas night
Twenty K take the flight!
Inhale, taste the life
I'm a vampire, embrace the night!
You get your cars, you plan right
To hit the club table and shake the dice
Dub step, crap music
fuck that bitch, crap music
I cook it up, hook it up
But now I shook it up, you got black music
You're now fending my white girl
My prom queen, definition of a..
Had me thinking about being Vietnam dreams
Cook face and it tremble
Twenty K for the... bezel
Love the change, I still ball
I got good aim and I kill y'all!
Oh, Jones!

Die, die, die, die!
And now you're going to die!
Die, die, die, die!

Clinton Sparks lyrics