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Cliff Richard - Yesterday, Today, Forever Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Yesterday, Today, Forever lyrics performed by Cliff Richard. We have tried to make the Yesterday, Today, Forever song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

When did You become the topic of conversation?
When did You become this country's popular myth?
Seems that overnight You caught everybody's attention.
Everybody sings about You,
Your name bouncin' off their lips.
When did You become superstar of this generation?
And when did You become commercial property?
Everybody's got their own sweet lord, hear them singin'.
Looking here, looking there,
But they just don't seem sweet.

Were you a guru (No, not a guru),
A godly man?
Were you a genius (No, not a genius),
The best in the land?

I read in the paper that You were back in fashion.
Amongst the famous men, You were high on the list.
Don't they realise that fashion's a passing fancy.

Truth is yesterday, today, forever You'll be staying.
Yesterday, today, forever never wavering.
You stated who You were, that'll never change.
Always the same,
Son of God.

Like it or not, yesterday, today, forever (x6)
Yesterday, today, forever, like it or not.

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