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Cliff Richard - I Will Follow You Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I Will Follow You lyrics performed by Cliff Richard. We have tried to make the I Will Follow You song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Why do we try so hard?
What makes us give our all?
And why do we aspire,
To reach the height,
When we're not ready,
To take the fall?
What makes us so unkind?
And why must we desire?
And take what we want?
Why must we be the,
Only ones who receive?

Lord won't you take me.
Take me and break me.
Burn me with your fire.
Our love that will take me.
Take me and make me.
I'll be,
I will follow you.

Why is it that now I'm yours,
Everything seems so bright?
And why is it now I can,
Live for each day,
Without any fear of the night?

Lord since I met you,
I can't get you,
Out of my head.
My life was so lonely,
Cos I was only,
Living for myself.
Our love.
I will follow you.

I'll follow you
My days are right
I'll follow you
It seems so right
I'll follow you
Bad days are gone
I'll follow you

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