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Clawfinger - Pin Me Down Lyrics

I try to hide and deny my inner thoughts and true reactions
By fooling myself with ill-concealed dissatisfaction
I can't take it any more I can't stand the situation
I don't want to be a victim of another confrontation
I'll pretend that I know I need you to sympathize
I'm so unsure of myself so please don't you criticize
You can bend me and shake me you can twist me till I break
And whatever you do I'll take the blame for your mistakes

Pin me down I put my hands over my mouth
When I need to shout you pin me down
I learn to hate myself instead of letting it out

You want to shape me up so that you can mould me in
You want to fold me out just so you can fit me in
You feed me full with your discriminating terrible lies
What do you want from me should I believe in all your alibies
I don't know where to go so which way should I turn
I try to understand but you don't want me to learn
You tie my feet to the ground
there's not a chance that I can walk
I want to scream but you gag my mouth so I can't talk

You want to stretch me out just so you can pin me down
You want to dry me out just so you can watch me drown
You want to watch me starve so you can force me to eat
And then you knock me down when I'm back on my feet

Clawfinger lyrics

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