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Citizen Fish - Sacred Cows Lyrics

Headlines all went mad cow disease sensation
Bseized by panic in a big meat-eating nation

They told us beef was safe then told us not to eat it
Got banned from exportation but not from the supermarket
Before someone else died
But the people they all cried
'We need our meat and the money it makes'
You can't get a better bit of profit on your plate

Frightening to see how money and tradition
Can over-ride the facts and force a position

Now stickers in four-wheeled vehicles say
'I'm proud to eat beef' instead of
'My other car's polluting as well'
So much that it's fucking up the food chain, hell
What's that taste? It's animal waste
The look on your face says 'What's that smell?'
It's the stink of dead flesh
It's the sunday best
And other sacred cows
But they've all gone mad now
Well you'd be pretty mad too
If what happened to cows happened to you
Having your children taken away
Forced to stand in a pen each day
Fed the shit from other dead things
Then chopped to bits...

We all suggest you go vegetarian
Then all these problems are all sorted out!

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