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Citizen Fish - Naked Lyrics

Blind people must fall in love with a sense of mind, a sense of touch
But when you insist on finding shadows in which to kiss
And down the lights to cover the sights of your nakedness

It feels so restrained
Are we really ashamed
Of what we possess?
It's just nakedness

Feeling too fat, feeling too thin
Needing some clothing to cover the skin
Thinking in terms of original sin
Not knowing where the other one's been

Afraid to discuss the difference between
Falling in love and physical need
A thousand distant painted looks
Staring from adverts and top-shelf books
Makes us afraid of what we reveal
How it's portrayed is not how it feels

It feels so individual
It feels so other-personal
Dresses up creates fiction
Under restriction

Fear of not being what the other one sees
Image contradicting what lies underneath
All the protection comes off in the end
Nothing left to judge you by, nothing to defend

Covered up the truth so long it seemed it wasn't there
Here it is so laugh aloud or tell me why you're scared

Citizen Fish lyrics

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