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Citizen Fish - Invisible People Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Invisible People lyrics performed by Citizen Fish. We have tried to make the Invisible People song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Invisible people with invisible hands
Holding very obvious collection cans
Anonymous people with anonymous jobs
Hurry past for fear of being late for the bus

Both will say it's not the way I intended to be
Knowing that the other guy has all he could need
The homeless have got all the time and all of it to share
The workers have got all the cash and none of it to spare

Invisible people with invisible feet
Taxi cab potential knowing every street
Anonymous people with anonymous cars
Rolling up the windows as they drive on past

If these were all your relatives then which one would you feed?
Would the power you get from money disappear if it was free?
Isn't it therefore obvious that in this society
There's poverty and hunger due to other people's greed, other people's greed

Invisible people from invisible homes
Lost the job, their rent went up out on their own
Anonymous people with anonymous lives
Reliant on superiors to keep them alive

Cos when it comes right down to it the structure is the same
Control requires acceptance that you have to play the game
The power of money trickles down decreasing as it goes
And out there in the rain it would be used on food and clothes

But social guilt the barrier to giving what is gained
To those who have less of it, cuts the last link in the chain
Invisibility comes from being constantly in view
Ignorance is the passive stance of saying it can't be true - it can't be true

Reality shapes itself around perceptions of the self
Until we really need it we refuse to offer help
The state that creates homelessness thrives on this attitude
Until we smash these limitations and take a wider view

Citizen Fish lyrics

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