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Cinema Strange - Mr. Quilt's Rotten Luck Lyrics

On a crooked, cobblestoned and ancient road I briskly
Strode when two men wearing bowler hats, curled
Moustaches, all in black, on a tandem bicycle went this
Way, that way till they fell beneath a coach-and-four.

When I was just six I was rather curious regarding
Paternity. Just who could my father be? I think he was
Skeletal. I think he knew mother, well, controversially.
Then some time much later on, during breakfast Aunt
Yvonne choked upon a bacon rind. She sang backwards,
Nearly died. Then there was my friend from school whose
Dog turned rabid, mad and cruel, and ate his master up.

I would need more fingers than are given upon either hand
To count up all the sea-choked screams, calcined
Whispers, rendered seams, pudgy-pretzled baby limbs,
Punctured lungs and altered hymns I've seen and heard

Cinema Strange lyrics