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Cilvaringz - The Essence Lyrics

Below you can find the popular The Essence lyrics performed by Cilvaringz. We have tried to make the The Essence song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Intro: Moongod Allah (Cilvaringz)]
2002, Moonlight Records (uh), Ringz & Partners (uh)
10 year anniversary (yeah), All Star Collection Box (uh)
We starting off, the way we started off 10 years ago (yeah uh)
You know I mean? (uh uh) Moongod Allah baby (yeah)
Hit 'em up! (c'mon!)

[Moongod Allah]
Yo it's the king of the universe
Emporer of iron, the God of the moon
Back home they call me Sire
I'm admired for my beats and for the streets
Respect is what I gain in these years of making beats
My family is Royal and loyal to their kings (yo)
The three kings The Lawyer, Moongod and Cilvaringz
The foundation of this Moonlight nation
A decade of beats and raps without vacation (ya heard!)
My motivation, the mark on my chest
It seperates us from the weak, 'cause we're the best
It was Moonlight before and it's Moonlight after (ya heard!)
In the middle there's Wu-Tang, nothing else matters
It's music don't dare to abuse it
Instead try to use it (uh), it's positive I proved it
The Moongod wrote the rules so don't break 'em
MC's read my manual recruits I don't take 'em

[Outro: Cilvaringz]
Aight, y'all bitch ass mutherfuckers know wassup
This is Moonlight records baby!
Cilvaringz up in this joint Straight up
Moongod Allah
We got Barrakjudah
We got Magpie
We got Fraze
We got Blake
We got Miss L
We got my man DJ Sueside
We got my man Roze Peddle up in this motherfucker
And we got my man The Lawyer
The man who introduced me to the rap game
Plus Psyklops and G.I. Samurai
Representing on behalf of Ringz & Partners
Y'all know the motherfucking name
Y'all know the game
Word up

Cilvaringz lyrics