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Ciara - Next To You ft. R. Kelly Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Next To You lyrics performed by Ciara. We have tried to make the Next To You song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I hope I don?t make you mad, with what I?m ?bout to say boy
Here we are once again, and I?m havin second thoughts boy
I?m not messin with your head, but I changed my mind boy
I don?t know why I?m here, the same time I want you near

If you want me to leave, I will understand
See I will just have to respect your wishes boy
Cus if I stay aint no tellin what may happened boy
Although you look so good to me, its best that I leave

I?m scared of bein next to you, cus of what I think I might do
Boy you turn me on right now,
I can?t get down like that right now
I don?t want to disturb the flow this is not my M-O,
Hold up, wait a minute, we?re movin way too fast
I want some like this here to last.

[R Kelly]
Don?t say no baby, not right now baby,
I want you to be my lady, you got me goin? crazy

Well I guess I?ll stay for a minute, then I have to go boy
This moment is so temptin?, right now it?s not what I want boy
Maybe if we just embrace, with a simple kiss boy
But that'll only make things worse,
hope I?m not gettin? on your nerves

I just wanted to be right for the both of us
You don?t have to say a thing to make me comfortable
Boy, you make me so weak when you look at me
Right now I?m a little confused, I think its best that I refuse


We pose to be playin cards or watching a movie
We keep lockin? eyes boy,now why you tryin to tease me
This room is gettin heatin? want you open up a window
I think that I should go now, cus I can?t take this no more.

[Chorus x3]

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