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Chroming Rose - Louis Xiv Lyrics

the history of france has a time when a man
called louis xiv was crowned child king
he ordered all the dukes and counts to his home
so he controlled their lives and made them docile and tame
he was a clever monarch, ruled with an iron fist
everyone who didn't agree, was written on his black list
louis xiv, finesse and force
he reigned over his nation, insuring his sovereignty
louis xiv, finesse and force
indeed there was the other side to louis xiv
he build splendid gardens to impress all his friends
for the aristocracy all gifts to him send
he showered his court with parties and fun
the reasons are many, he's the king of the sun
two generations later the king has succumbed
he lost all control, the country had gone numb
the realm was in an uproar, so something had to snap
the rich just got richer and the poor got the crap
the sinking of the empire wasn't to be changed
in the bloody vacuum it all felt so strange
revolution in 1789
revolution - the king was overthrown
revolution - monarchy has gone
revolution - democracy was born
the king was beheaded in 1793
while his head was rolling the nation danced so free...
now think about this song
and then transfer it into our time
there still are many louises
dictators who live so fine
and in the end
majority has got it right
it's a warning to all louises
living now in our time
it's revolution's jubilee
the birthday of democracy
all politicians should beware
that something here is happening.

Chroming Rose lyrics