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Christine Evans - I'm So Alone Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I'm So Alone lyrics performed by Christine Evans. We have tried to make the I'm So Alone song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Does anybody feel the same?
Can anybody see or feel my pain?
I had to get away
Don't tell me how dumb and irresponsible I became
I don't wanna be
Resentful of things I didn't do

It's getting late out
It's getting cold
Take me anywhere- I'm so alone
I couldn't do what I was told
Don't hold my hand
I can make it on my own

My mother told me not to curse
*From what I did
I wasn't the worst*
Someone's always watching my every move
Like there's something
I've always gotta prove
Well I'm young, does that make me stupid
Oh, can you hear me now?

Repeat Chorus

I'm tired but I'm waiting for an answer
Can someone show me where I belong
I cannot rest until I get what I need
I've never been religious
But I want to believe

Repeat Chorus

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