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Christian Epidemic - No Tomorrow Lyrics

Below you can find the popular No Tomorrow lyrics performed by Christian Epidemic. We have tried to make the No Tomorrow song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

A transfigured congregration
That have come to name themselves after faith
But faith also means loyalty,
Which has always been very far from them

Force me to live in a depraved body
And confiscate every charm from this earth

Come and keep your soul with me
And I, like the mute willl stay silent
Don't let them show you what to see
Don't give them any more sacrifices

You're the one to speak there lies
And if you're weak you will beleive
Please hear my voice from the depths
Only the truth can bring you releif

This is modern barbarism
Where the sorce of fear is the way of future
Building a forgotten cathedral
With the hands of the others they can nurture

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