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Chris Webby - Grind Mode Cyper (part 2) Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Grind Mode Cyper (part 2) lyrics performed by Chris Webby. We have tried to make the Grind Mode Cyper (part 2) song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Verse 1: Lingo]
Uh Huh, Grind Mode Cypher
Chris Webby in the building
I am one of a kind
You kinda one of them guys
Who dick ride other men
Right? Talk shit run off, then hide
When I catch up, think back, that's hindsight
Tap the 57, See red, Live a blind life
I shot ya
In order I was proper
East Coast Peace Flow
Big, just like Papa
My popularity skyrockets
So killing all of these bitches
You calling a dime, drop her
Get persecuted, they saying your words are stupid
And that hip hop is causing the violence, its murder music
If that's the case, I'm smashing a bastard's face
Walking a fine line of Masta Ace and Pastored Mase
I'm way passed you cats that masquerade
Get the mask and raid your house, then you're passed away
And that's the way I'll bury your past time
Just pitch and make hits, America's past time

[Verse 2: Johnny Conceptz]
Bitch show time, you need a whole army to hurt me
Ya'll asses will get shocked
From the words that I'm dispersing
They want me to hook it up like Kareem
Your not deserving
Magic Johnson with the torch
I only pass it if you're worthy
Damn, that's a hell of a scheme
An intelligent being, with devilish dreams
Man, it seems like I'm something you've never seen before
I'll bother you now
Then bottle what's left of your damn spirit from
A Ouija board
Like, why should I take it easy for?
If that's the case, I'd quit rap
And start relaxing at a beach resort
You misdirected like a street detour
And I'ma fix that ass up
Like plastic surgeons on a sleazy whore
Please be warned
I swear you don't want the drama
Better get your run on, like a sentence without a coma
Mumble rappers killing the art like some suicide bombers
If that's what rap's become, I'ma body the whole genre

[Verse 3: Ohms]
This flow will make you yack
When you do, take a breather
While you're hunch style
Use your back to kick your back lifting my feet up (C'mon)
Follow the leader, at last they follow me fast
If I were to hit the breaks
Your face would slam against the dash now
Tell that bitch to stop yelling
I'ma shake her
If her brains are bouncing inside her skull
I'm doing you a favor
It's my nature, the havoc that a wreak
Boy I'm smoother than both my cheeks
After using a Gillette Razor (Yup!)
And fuck these haters, matter of fact they feedback
All of my words are bullets and they're aiming for those kneecaps
So, your weak ass really needs to mind your beeswax
And catch three [?] for [?]
And paid wherever you sleep at, dig?
That mean rap, no chance of showing mercy
They [?] done had me, but my visions looking blurry
So I'm captain of this game
I be something that they idol
Only way to strip this title is if you rip it off my jersey, kid

[Verse 4: Tha Red Baron]
Coming through and I be breaking down every single suspicion that [?]
Never considered a rapper, just a hip hop [?]
So, regardless of whether you like it or not, here's my position
I gotta be competition to those opposing the vision
My vocabulary be dropping with near perfect precision
Dividing them down the middle like dutchies with my decision
I'm pursuing every passion of mine, but ya'll just wishin'
I had my favorite rappers mad at me, that's how it goes
Because we got a bigger crowd response at all the shows
When we seen them afterwards they turning up their nose
You know what they say, all that glitters isn't gold
Lingo, Baron and Webby better go grab a machete
This Cyper's Cloverfield, hope you keep the camera steady
Never be sleeping, or we creeping in this bitch like Freddy
It's Grind Mode, 'til my feet up and my casket ready

[Verse 5: Chris Webby]
I'm that young Italiano
Just call me Tony Soprano, with a little Lucky Luciano
Chicken Parmesano, Capicola, Pasta Fazool
Sopa, Fancul
Fuck you
Ya'll don't got gods on the young bull
I don't know sports or fashion
Is it John or Steve Madden?
I just rock a hat and a white beater with jeans saggin'
Spit fire like Pete's Dragon
Na, na, a combination of all Calise's 3 Dragons
All stuffed in a G wagon
Attacking 'em when I go HAM
See Webby now a grown man
Who failed the D.A.R.E Program
Badder than Lindsay Lohan
Back I'm flipping the flow man
Shit I'm really losing it
But I still rap so smart you think my brain is a computer chip
Ludacris, with that Word of Mouth, how you think they heard about this crazy white boy motherfucker droppin' absurd amounts of bars
That'll leave you on a stretcher then I'm swervin' out
Circle back and run you over again like a squirrel and bounce
So never step to this, I've conquered every nemesis
That thought they could spit on my name or wiggle a head at Chris
I'm not a shooter, but someone hand me a weapon bitch
And shit I know how to put the cartridge in like Sega Genesis
Cock it back and aim it, but wait can someone explain it?
Is the safety here? Cool! Now run for cover bitch I'm dangerous
Ya'll are stuck up in the matrix
While I'm running up on stages, making money off what I love and it's fucking amazing

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