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Chris Webby - Spinnin' Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Spinnin' lyrics performed by Chris Webby. We have tried to make the Spinnin' song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

(Destiny has a funny way
When it
Comes and takes all your
Cares away)
(I can't think of a
Single thing
Other than what a beautiful state I'm in
'Cause the world's still spinnin' round)
It goes round and round
It goes round and round
And it goes..
(Ooooh, I don't feel like coming down)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

What's up lil mama?
Listen to me
There's something about you
Something different to me
And I know there's plenty of fish in the sea
It's gigantic
If you're lookin' for a good time
I I am it

It's going down like the damn titanic
Tan skin
Lookin' Italian or Hispanic
Damn it
So dope
Dude's can't stand it
Every guy hitting on her
Walking 'round campus

Book bag over the shoulder
Fresh Nikes
Step to the girl
'Cause I heard that she like me
She started smiling
I ain't even gotta ask her why
I just said I'm Webby
You might know me as that rapper guy

But you're fly
Whatcha doin' tonight?
Oh, you're going to Jeff's party?
Word, alright
She wrote her number down
On a little piece of paper
And I was like
No doubt
I'm a catch you later

Went home
Took a shower
Layed down to rest
Woke up
Threw a fitted on
Super fresh
9 o'clock rolled around
Hit mammi with a text
She said she was pregaming
And to meet her at Jeffs

So I cop a couple forties
And went over to Lavodi's
Drank with the OC
And began to blow trees
Only had a 10 spot
5 for a cup
And 5 to throw down on someone else's dutch

Hopped in the whip
And rolled right on over
Someone else driving
'Cause neither one of us sober
Rolled up to the spot
Then walked to the backyard
Mad chicks
Yo this shit was poppin'

A whole lot of girls
Many different options
But I saw the chick from before
And I locked in
Hit the keg
And filled myself a cup
And then I put my brim low
And went to say what's up

We talked for a little bit
Joked around
I could tell that in a little
It was goin' down
I could see it in her eyes
She could see it in mine
I gave her my ten cents
Told her she was a dime

She grabbed around my waste
Then she looked me in the face
And said
We should go and find a private place
And I was like word
Sounds great to me
She grabbed my hand
Don't know where she's takin' me

But I don't really care yo
What can I say?
Give my man Lavodi dap
And was on my way
She brought me upstairs
Went into Jeff's room
Undress quick
Know we havin' sex soon

She asked me if I had a condom
I looked in my wallet like
Yo thank God I got one
Then we got the bedroom shakin'
Noise so loud
They could hear it in the basement

(It's in your eyes
I can tell what you're thinkin'
My heart is sinkin' too
It's no surprise
I don't want you to leave me
I want to make it with you
It's in your eyes..."

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