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Chris Rea - He Should Know Better Lyrics

Below you can find the popular He Should Know Better lyrics performed by Chris Rea. We have tried to make the He Should Know Better song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Have you heard the news
That is going round
He should know better

Have you heard the news
That boy's got dust for brains

After all this time
After all this time
Now things, oh, can never be the same

He should know better
Always straight, always cool
Endless style, nobody's fool
And always with the grace and superb manner

How he danced around the snakes
Left them spinning in his way
And stepped straight on the yellow skin banana

He should know better

In the early hours of day
The black night
He makes his way
Regretfully into the morning fog

Just one silly small mistake
Now all his bones their gonna break
To the curse and laughing smile
Of the little green frog

He should know better

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