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Chris Brown - Way Too Cold (theraflu) (freestyle) Lyrics

My bank account tellin me to calm down
They bill boys tellin me to climb down
Niggas pillow talkin, let me find out
To give a fuck about later victim all night
You know the shot is what I do though
Bitch, you know Im flexin about a necklace and a 2 door
Monday in a Rolly, Tuesday in a Tupla
Beat killin crap niggas this is what I do though
These niggas is lamy, always complainin, doin the same shit
Step all up on Twitter, to make you follow, suck on the same dick
Im tired of these niggas, tired of arguing over the same bitch
Niggas funny like comics, Im wealthy nigga I aint rich
My shit be up in galleries, a million when I paint bitch
Pop records but made is Ferrari, thats the lane switch
Switch it up, all these niggas work for number change
Grown up, all you niggas, yea my number changed
Hit boy, all these rappers wastin beats
I bought all my clip toys and those niggas wastin heat
Yea, I talk that beat noise aka Im TNT
I blow that shit up, get up
This boy you cant get rid of
Dont fuck with my old bitches like a bad flirt
Every industry niggas that had her
Shake a tree like a pumpkin just to smash her
Bitches break in codes but Im the password
Now its time for young niggas to shake down shit
If you yappin in the club then you surround it
They say he trippin on some gray hound shit
He didnt listen, now he listenin to the ground bitch
Put him out
Hes sleepin
With all the snickers on his chest he barely breathin
Like his lights out, he took a beatin
Hand on his chest holdin his hard pledge of allegiance
Damn, this bitch call me the Theraflu
Took her shoppin, bought her 15 hundred pair of shoes
Uh, Theraflu
Im a cold ass nigga
Fuck you

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