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Cho'zen - I Ain't No Preacher Lyrics


Oh no oh no I ain't no preacher/ Oh no I ain't no preacher (Repeat)2x
Oh no i ain't no preacher/ But that don't mean I can't reach ya

Verse 1

From the valley low/ I counldn't see the light from a damaged soul
God took over my life/ And now I'm glad it shows
Cause I couldn't see what's right/ When he made me whole
Now the shine so bright/ That my eyes can see
My life/ Was the real reason blinding me
JC be the reason/ When my eyes are weak
And every step that I took/ JESUS carried me
Exposing me to a new society/ Got me showing everybody/ I got this fire in me
When you see me/ I'm gone show you how to get like me
That's right/ I follow G O D
But his son is my D O G
Together we bomb on the enemy/ Taking back what he stole from me
Let every saint holla Been Redeemed
Gettin together just for my king/ Letting him know what joy he brings
When he take control of impossible things
Up in Heaven I'm gone get my wings/ Oh I'm ready for the wonderful things
Yeah he said it/ I honor my king
24-7 I'm still praising his name
His gospel just won't change

Hook: 2x

Verse 2:

Now I've done been through the storm/ Yes I'm going through it again
Questions I had for the Lord/ You know they've already been changed
My growth in faith was so had/ But even that's been maintained
Now what's left is a reward/ That I'll receive in Heaven
So here I come/ I'm gone rush the gates I got to get to the other side
But I won't go alone/ When you hear this song I'll bring you for the joyride
Just to get the pleasure God get/ When I'm serving him
It's not about me/ But the word in him
Everyday I don't eat/ I get the urge from him
At night I don't sleep/ Cause the word is him
Appetite for the meat pre-occupy me
Naturally since I found G O D
Supported by the/ bestowed upon me
Permanently I'm rich as Oprah Winfrey
And I'm in it for the long hall
That's why I talk to God/ got a phone call
Lord you notice I'm devoted
Still I speak these words I'm quoting

Hook: 2x

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