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Chip Tha Ripper - Kappin' On 4's Lyrics

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Slab up...
Chip the ripper

We kappin (we kappin) on 4's (on 4's) [x4]

I b swagin and b swervin
My doors doin tricks
Ya already kno wut slab in dis bitch
I'm a stack chips ya dats my damn name
Pull up slow pull out doe
U broke? dats a damn shame
I b kappin on dez hoes got diamonds in my mouth
Kappin on mtv cribs gotta baseball field in my damn house
I pull out my strap leave these niggas asked out
Pulled out my dang-a-lang made your sister pass out
C me swervin thru your hood I don't give a fuck
Wut time does the movie start got 80 inch screen in my tahoe truck
I'm all about a buck?
Gettin paid but I ain't change still backin?
Ridin on 4 fast wheels 28 inches hold up listen
Stop and scoop up hoes
When they get in I charge admission
Check my 77 cuttys
Screens fallin paint drippin
My inside big enough to hav a livin room and kitchen
I pull up swang now all 4's complain
Cause my trunk got enough bang to make they oxygen tanks drain
Chip dats my name
Doors I'm a swang em
Niggaz b hatin I ain't gonna shoot I'm a get sum barb wire and hang em
4 15's in the back of my 87 grand pre
Screens on glow wen I pull up slow dez niggaz can stand me
Let my trunk bang
Drop top kelly ain't got no lid
Roll thru the park swung on all the kids
Hold up hold up stop the beat
Let me sip my drank
Wen I run outta goose I'm a get out my car & lick my paint
Doors do tha fool
My rimes stop and go
Call up sum gold digga hoes wen they get to my house I'm a lock my door BITCH!
Yes I'm from the slab
Yes I get that cash
No I'm not in love with a stipper sho me them breast & bounce that ass HOE!
Kappin is a habit
I'm not tryna break hoe
Let my screens fall on?
Bitch I stay throwed
Bitch I make doe
I don't spit no god damn game
Hoes fuck wen I say so
Wut you mean fuckin hater... I want you to hate me
Cause as long as I got haters I kno I that I make cheese

We kappin (we kappin) on 4's (on 4's) [x8]

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