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Childish Gambino - Yaphet Kotto Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Worst rapper to ever spit on an open mic
Worst rapper to ever get on, so many likes
Worst rapper to ever blow up overnight
And when my D swell my D12, friends with Obie Trice
Young, black and gifted but hes still in America
Heard the flow is gettin better, is he sleepin with Erykah?
They passin me they demos, these rappers, I think its funny
Cause they tryna get my demo, young white kids with money
I promise worst rapper, iTunes most played
Its just me and both macks, self-made, self-paid
Headlines sayin he leavin to be a rapper
When niggas sayin its dumb and he eatin off of his actin
I mean, who the fuck wanna be a rapper? Its stupid
I mean who knew that every rapper with a new crew
Would wanna do shit on Hulu?
Thats the blueprint, you drive until the lease up
I drive until its dirty, please, somebody call a Brinks truck
Yeah, they know me happy face, emoji
That OG, I might OD, so Avengers keep it Loki
While Im sittin on top of the world, its only one second, secure
And I cant get it back, my life is a sham, no time to react
Breathe find solace in the fact my ball bigger pause
Like dog fingers, give a fuck about yall niggas
Get the point like ball kickers
I do shit, eat good, need a toothpick
Your girl play my music so thats thumbs-down to your new shit
Buddha stance on a forest on Ayahuasca
Im as high as copters, binoculars, lookin down on my confidence
Truly honest, man, I wish there was more of us freakin out
I wet the bed the first night on my tour bus
God damn what you doin man?
I cant name a lot of rappers that you better than
He hates women and himself, I wont give him the chance
Tell myself down first to make em pay in advance
Heard a lot of yall talking behind his back when he walkin out
Me and Fam in the corner, what are they talkin bout?
Same dudes who laughin after you go
Be the same dudes emailin askin you bout your show
Its on FX? Tight, nigga
Me and my homies makin flicks
Me and my hmmies makin beats
Me and my homies makin hits
Me and my homies hit the spot, roll with us gold diggers
I dont really like those niggas, Childish like goldfishes
We saw this kid get shot up by the cops in Atlanta
They shot through his Phantom
And tandem canons were blammin him
He was standin there like 20 seconds before
Now hes gasping for air, bullet holes inside of his dome
Whats the point? I dont know
Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why do you care?
Livin real every day, what was your undoing?
Khalifias first name, now theres urine on him
Damn, Bino, why you gotta do it to em?
Im Terio, Im Terio, my cousin ooh-oohing
New shit shit alert never fake
Theres levels to this shit like a wedding cake
My new girls so pretty that the world shine
My new girls skins kissed by the coast line
My new girl so pretty you can go blind
Worst rapper ever, how Im givin out a cosign?
Chance The Rapper, yeah that nigga crazy
Big brother, little brother, lifestyle wavy
Cool, uh

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