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Childish Gambino - Think Of Me Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Think Of Me lyrics performed by Childish Gambino. We have tried to make the Think Of Me song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Verse 1]
Its that D-O double Bino
Nigga, how you livin? Yeah, my life so cappuccino
Bittersweet, Im giving everything I got, I feel so
Helpless, help us, shopping at the Gelsons: soymilk, shellfish
Used to stunt Kitsune, used to date Katsumi
But then I got a new one, but she aint talking to me
IMessages unread, pain that was unsaid
Laughter that we aint heard from children we aint had
Im a boss, homie. Die a boss like Im Steve Jobs
They thought I was Jamaican, I got three jobs
They must have been mistaken, I aint feel ya
They respect the grind and zone 6 lookin real soft
Dear Mom, you sound sick every time I call
Dad lying to me, I can hear it in his tone
I dont want nobody help, leave me the fuck alone
Brother holding my head in the shower dont know what Im on
Ribbons running through my nappy afro
Feeling guilty, won the raffle
But the lotto ate my motto at my core
Im just an apple and they want me PC
Paid for my house but this show is not me
More than the music, we going for that mastery overload
Da Vinci Code comatose to sport a beard like Im OVO
Got that cream, Im an Oreo
You know how the story goes
DatPiff four page cause you suck something glory hole
Its that Fresh Prince, Royalty means you deserve it
We were best friends, they talking bout him and I
They loving this silly guy, Im popping Abilify
Niggas was wildin out cause they want me so civilized
They say anytime that you getting cheese you in a rat race
Any movies that they offer me is black face
Its so post racial, so I cant prove it
We the same thing, we in the same movement
Business is business, we eating lunch, just not on silent
Its the Diddy and Biggie driving backwards, Im so iconic
If Im dead before Detox it doesnt mater, I heard The Chronic
You gon sell it on eBay, just be glad that I fuckin signed it
I aint mad, though, you gotta eat, right?
I know your voice, man, you Marshall Lee, right?
Nah, Im what you hear in your dreams saying its not enough
God had made a lot of land, I gotta buy it up
Im bouncing on the highway, blast it in my driveway
Put that shit on replay, turnt up on agave
Check the kimosabe, my life is so behind me
If you aint feeling it, come and find me
Come and find me

Yeah, Im so on to you
Im so on to you
Im on to you

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