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Childish Gambino - The Switch Lyrics

Eh eh eh Childish Gambino, ho
Eh eh eh Childish Gambino, ho

Sippin' on that
(?) creek, royalty is my peek
Got a nigga eatin' out yo pussy when your mom's asleep Drinkin' mango lassi, can't nobody stop me
Give your boy a track and leave the body like
Cause ain't nobody fuckin' with me, man
Ain't nobody fuckin' like it's HIV,
It's crazy how Memorial Drive is just that
Only liquor stores and porn survivin'
the cutback, but hold up
Hold up, hold up, man my neighbor just shot himself
Bullet to
the head and exit out the bottom left
I never holla back, bitches and all of that
got my work until she comes and forms a dollar stack
When you counting the Ninja Turtles
while these white guys get fraternal?
You ain't want no problems, we be on that B&B The only nigga slinging 30 rocks - legally
Throw the verses on the track but ain't nobody
seein' me?
I can't see, shout out to my nigga Ellison
It's been a year since I said
"Too expensive"
The post office won't give my dad his pension
Your girls get mad when
I pull out like extensions
Pete's still goin', Chi's still blowin'
My girl Polynesian
you can say I got Samoan
It's a marriage - it's apparent this is it
In a year I went
from Will Farrell to Will Smith
And my turds terrified cause I killed this shit

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