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Chief Keef - Early Morning Getting It Lyrics

Early morning
Early morning (commission it)
Early morning getting It
(It’s holiday season bitch)

[Verse 1]
Early Morning Getting It
Riding with the semi
Choppa touch your face
Make you look like stitches
Fonem Got the pigeons (the pigeons)
Flying through my kitchen (through my kitchen )
We come through with ravens
They die when we get them (when we get them )
Get up nigga don’t sit down (don’t sit down)
I just fucked your bitch (your bitch)
The category of stable (stable)
Now I ain’t there
I got monkey nuts
And I got help
The jailhouse rock
Base it up
Presley Elvis

[Verse 2]
Early morning coke
Early morning pole
You early morning broke
I smoke early morning dope
I got early morning seats
Have a early morning feast
I got late night ounces and
Early morning piece
Hopped in my car and turn it off cause I need a massage
All the pussy ass niggas I’m a need a collage
I count my rolls sticking near my nose
Right now motherfucking tired
And all I smalls everything besides my clothes gotta be a motherfucking law
Early morning Pole[?]
Fonem bring the dope[?]
I keep early morning phone calls
Early morning corn balls
How about the dough
Then they like he’s snorting ya’ll
I think that I’m covered
Only thing I know is ball
Think I’m Tiger Woods
All the things I know is golf
I Think I’m a [?]
Only thing I know is gone
Put me in a top 10 quarterbacks of all time
I got me a salt of chopper
I got a me sharp knife
I got me some dumb bitches
I got me some smart ones too
[?] nine eleven
Knock your homey down he follow you
You said you ain't with this shit like I spill drink it’s all on you
Like Snell challenge Jordan to a game, don't make me ball on you
Cause early morning pistol too
Where ‘s my spine, I feeling you
You feel my cousin Im billing you
Hilary [?]

[Verse 3]
Early morning cappin
And early morning traffic
Late night 22-3
Early morning mag10
Of early morning juice
I got early morning booze
I got late night rooms and early morning rooms
Like game play, I need early morning assists
And since I’m a asshole I take early morning shits

[Verse 4]
I got early morning lights
Late night lights
Like a baker who can’t bake, Boy your cake not right
When you go pick up vanessa[?]
And I grabbed Ronda
She was too busy singing
She want me to sign her
Like the horses
I got farmers
Now go set your reminder
Man run a errand, i got one in the fire
I swear this k
Shoot like it’s Kobe
I swear this de-e shoot like [?]
I got the 30
Like the curry I'm here for teaching he's
Hear for learning

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