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Chevy Woods - Kd35 Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Kd35 lyrics performed by Chevy Woods. We have tried to make the Kd35 song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

[Hook: Chevy Woods]
I pull up with the roof off
If he trippin' blow his roof off
The blood shipped it in a U-haul
Kevin Durant money that's too tall
I'm Taylor Gang and I don't know ya'll
I bought all these diamonds just to show off
Double cup let's have a slow off
Wherever we at bitch we gon' ball

[Verse 1: Chevy Woods]
I'm ballin', ballin', ballin' all this money that be callin'
Call my jets set niggas catch a flight down to New Orleans
Tourin', tourin, tourin all this money off of tourin'
They don't book you niggas cus that shit you doin is boring
I'm caking up with my nigga Lifa, all the packs I had on my street
I'm blowing strong and you niggas weak
You run up on us we think it's sweet
I'm 48 and that's double o
Hundred niggas I gotta show
Green light you gotta go
Coke guns they let em blow
Ballin' out we ain't fallin' out and that's on the real, just to let you know
Get you chick with us, she don't wander but she red to go


[Verse 2: Wiz Khalifa]
Uh, comin' down used to be the main one lookin' niggas up but I run it now
Rollin' up weed see the champagne corks and my team know it's going down
Nigga talk crazy pull up the cake, pounds how it gonna sound
Catchin' planes when Im in your town, fuck nigga so you get the run around
My bitch is exotic, my whip is exotic you hating I think it's ironic
You looking for kryptonite then I got it the weed I'm smoking is chronic
My niggas make money off trappin'
So they cook that
I made a million dollars of rappin'
And I look back
Weed, lean and wax up in this book bag
My nigga caught some charges for the pack and fucking shook that
He come home we gon' (turn up)


Chevy Woods lyrics