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Cherie - I'm Ready Lyrics

Below you can find the popular I'm Ready lyrics performed by Cherie. We have tried to make the I'm Ready song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

I'm in a new place, with the same face,
And nothing is formiller then me,
But theres a storm rush, then the wind starts ,
And its bring down the woman in me,
I know that your out there somewhere,
Waiting on a deeper connection,
So i'm lookin to my left, searching on my right,
Because we could be the greatest adverture, I'm

Ready, Come and find me, i'm not gunna,
I got the sun on my side it,
Heavy cause i'm finally open for the woman,
I'm ready ready,

I'm moving out there,
So baby bewhere, because now its just a matter of time
(now it's just a matter of time),
Before my fast cross, and the sky falls,
The very monent that i tell you, your mine,

I know your out there somewhere,
Moving in another dreaction,
So just hurry up and come, as fast as you can run,
Because we been waiting far too long, now i'm

(Chorus Repeat)

Oh you, You gotta be close,
Because i'm here to get you out, wherever I go,
I'm ready come and find, I'm not gunna, I got the sun on my side it's,
Heavy, cause i'm finally, open for the one and
I'm ready
(Chorus 2x)
(Chrous Repeat)

Cherie lyrics

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