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Charmaine - Tied To The Ground Lyrics

Saying what you feel and I can see it
Barely making sense of all the madness
Bearing all your soul in broken pieces
Give yourself some time to pull together again

Let's get out of here and take a breather
Maybe get some coffee in our systems
Talk about the things that make you smile
Forget about the moments that were taken from you

Move, move on with your life
You know that Love has covered it all, and so
You can let go you're heart's not tied to the ground
And I'll be singing for you
Can you hear it? your soul will move to the sound

The music's playing for you

Do we wanna laugh or keep on crying
See another film or drive till daylight?
Imagine all the things that you've been thinking
Breathe them all to life and stop your dreaming

Go, go on with your life
Believe that Love will cover it all, and so

You can run a bit faster
This is finally freedom
Looks like the beginning
(Of something wonderful)
Take the weight of your shoulders
And just laugh a bit louder
This is the beginning
(Of something wonderful

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