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Charlotte Martin - In Parentheses Lyrics

Below you can find the popular In Parentheses lyrics performed by Charlotte Martin. We have tried to make the In Parentheses song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

State of pain like mercury
Hearing pink illusions
Gorgeous at 85, older at 23

I drink the water out of time
I said has anybody seen the whirlpool floating in my mind
I said has anybody seen
This is the low that I could find

I'm on solitary sand and
I've been stepped on by a man
But I've stood taller than I am
In parentheses

Beauty queens are very shy
More than lash than meets your eye
So she jumps then wants to fly
It¹s too late now I'm in denial

I'll get medieval on boy-bands
I said is anybody listening
The way life makes the nice girls fast
I said is anybody listening
It isn't just unlucky chance

And I'm on solitary sand
And I've had bullshit from a man
But found exactly who I am

I'll never be the vision of a girl who can write poetry
I'll never be the little black dress we¹ve seen on natalie b.
I'll never be 5'10", I'm barely 5'3"

Charlotte Martin lyrics

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