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Chaotica - Mr. Vanity Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Mr. Vanity lyrics performed by Chaotica. We have tried to make the Mr. Vanity song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Confident your opinion
Is the only one that matters
'Cause you think you've been
Right all along
But you're wrong
Positive your perspective
Is the only one that holds up
Yes, your Narcissistic Deity
Complex has grown strong
Monkey see, monkey do
Makes a monkey out of you
Funny how, even now
Weak-minded believe
Your lies are true
Come on down off your high
Get your head out of the sky
Time to stop perpetuating lies

Why must you hide
Way inside, Mr. Vanity?
Why do you try to deny
Your own humanity?
So who died? Made you king?
You're not god of anything
What are you? Just a man
Who on Earth gave you
The master plan?
Get a life. Get a clue
Someone here should humble you
You're a hoax and a fraud

Self-fulfilling prophecies
Are flawed
Blinders on, not too brave
It's affirmation you crave
On your thrown of deceit
I will never bow down
At your feet
Narrow-mind, ignorance
Selfish and incompetence
Predator feeding on innocence

Feed your greed
And your pride
Hope it eats you up inside
You're so smug; insincere
Your dark agenda
Is crystal clear
Arrogant and so vain
See through you
Like cellophane
Drop the act, give it up
Sick of hearing lies
So just shut up
Dirty mind, filthy soul
We never gave you control
Stop the game, you have lost
Time to reevaluate the cost
Time is up, loose the crown
Now it's time to break you down
Time to find your new home
In the ground

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