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Chaotica - Prison Of Decay Lyrics

Why me? What did I do?
You're looking down on my back
From your bird's-eye view.
Do you like what you see...
Silently judging me?
Am I measuring up
To what you thought I could be?
Fine then, I'll play your game
I'll be the ant in your farm
On which you place blame.
I will carry your cross
Because you are the boss;
I've got nothing to gain
But the blame for my loss!
I'd make a break for it
But I can't run away,
I'm going to be stuck
Inside of here everyday.
I'm just a piece of trash
That someone threw away,
I'm doing time in your
Prison of Decay.
Help me out - I'm trapped
And I don't want to stay,
For God's sake
Does it look like
I will be okay?
I'm only in here
'Cause I chose to disobey,
You're the one who built my
Prison of Decay.

I will find my own way;
You know if I made the rules
I'd be inclined to stay -
But you are in control
Because you bought my soul,
And now I'm falling inside
Of a bottomless hole.
Jump hoops, tapping the dance -
You sent me into the pit
Without a fighting chance.
Yes I want to prevail
But I'm destined to fail,
I cannot spread my wings
When I'm locked in your jail!

Give up - I'm giving in,
I don't see any possible
Way I can win.
Because of the neglect
I've become a reject,
And now everything else
In my life is all wrecked.
What now? I'm down on my back.
Do you really think I've got
The stamina to attack?
Look I'm beaten and bruised
And I'm broken and used.
I hope that I've amused
'Cause I'm feeling abused!

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