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Chamillionaire - King Koopa Lyrics

Below you can find the popular King Koopa lyrics performed by Chamillionaire. We have tried to make the King Koopa song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Chamillionaire Talking

We still here, ain't goin' no where



Man Chamill, that nigga still handlin' steel

Hoppin' out the Sedan Deville, ay man just chill

Leave em' alone, see niggaz never plan to feel

The backhand until they talkin' or you came in his grill

I don't care, undercovers still yearnin' to stop me

Same retailers I sell it to will burn em' a copy

Then sell it to you, but the cd's burning is sloppy

They earning they dollar, that I'm supposed to earn in it's got me.

Pissed and ag'd, get in the slab, gimme some gas

Fixin' the track, this nigga bout to kick me some ass

(Repeat after Talking)

This be the last time I let niggaz get me for cash

Gimme some gasoline and burn his crib into ash

Hold up Watts niggaz is cheap sayin' I charge to much

Cuz I'm raw nigga what?

Yall can't compete, yall niggaz suck

If I gotta deal with the embarassment of yall niggaz stuff

Then mo' money will ease the pain, bar'd that bar in ya cup

Hold up Watts, bootleggers? Them niggaz be scared

But a mind full of scared

Is better then a mind full of lead

Nightmare, wake up, pillow red, mind in his bed

Now Koopa's joking go back to sleep, never mind what he said

Look for that First Round Draft Picks, nothin' but net

I gotta homie streetsweeper, and his cousin is tech

Doesn't respect? I'ma put ya tongue up in the deck

And put my dick in the speakers and put nut in ya neck

Chamillionaire lyrics