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Chamillionaire - Ochie Wally Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Ochie Wally lyrics performed by Chamillionaire. We have tried to make the Ochie Wally song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.


AKeem drunk gleam

Unlock, pop the scene

Kickers soundin' like my trunk just swallowed a soccerteam

The candyberry drop

Sittin' outside the Merriot

Is what got ya miss very hot

Tryna give me the hairy spot

My album ain't barely drop

I don't live on a fairy block

A scary block, where niggas get buried and carry glocks

Niggas be frontin' like they brave, cuz scary niggas get shot

Bullets be in the glock, talkin' bout "ay let me out"

Hold up..If you can prove I ain't the throwedest on the streets

Then stand up, right now go ahead and speak ya peace

Anybody? Okay, unanimous vote

We all agree that every time he touch the mic it get broke

Choke the chord til' it smoke

And don't get Twin pissed

He'll put the heater to ya lips and you'll wish that he missed

I hope you get my drift while I untwist the Crist'

Lookin' like a poisonous lightbulb bit my wrist

I'm showing so much green, I'm glowin' so picture me

As a icedout ghetto, statue of liberty

"Chamillion don't spit for free

That nigga turned down a G

I sent hI'm the deposit, he sent it right back to me"

For the record, Chamillion wreckit

I wreck it so don't eject it

Disrespect have ya girl at the hotel showin' naked

Get it right dawg correct it

I got this rap game perfected

Detect the women went blind when my necklace reflected

Woodgrain got molested, does this mean I'm peverted?

Ya feelings got hurted, she want me to insert and squirt it

She wanted to make love to my voice, the first time she heard it

Look, don't touch me, to broke hoes I'm allergic

The jury was the verdict

Chamillionaire is guilty

Of being, off the hook, off the heeziefasheezy filty

Bitch, get off the dick, this the Boss Hogg year

Nigga we all floss here, poofpow disappear


Chamillionaire lyrics