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Chamillionaire - Some Things Never Change Lyrics

Below you can find the popular Some Things Never Change lyrics performed by Chamillionaire. We have tried to make the Some Things Never Change song lyrics as accurate as possible and hope you enjoy them.

Never change itll never change
But one thing I know about the game is itll never change

[Verse 1]
Ugh, Koopa H town trill figga made my name from selling right
Cuz most of these boys just selling out
The rest of these boys just selling hype
Naw, get it right they hype beastin to get accepted
I dont really see no reason for impressing people that aint impressive
Still too legit if you base your worth off who ya with
I hope you get your whole crew or clique
To stand on a cliff and go do a flip
I could never become diluted in a couple minutes Im gonna prove it
H-Towns undisputed / but
Cant you see that Im coming down cant you see me reclinin
Independent still moving more than these fraudulents that they signing
Never question my hustle hater you can question my timing
But Ill forever be hard to budge like them Houston Texan front lineman

Somethings never change / somethings never change
Cuz game is full is still of lames / The game still full of games
Somethings never change / Somethings never change
Get some change then they start acting strange
Then they start acting so strange
Some things never change / Never change
Never change itll never change / Never change
Somethings never change / Some things never change
But one thing I know about the game its probably never gonna change
Comin down / comin down
Oh, oh, oh it wont
Comin down / comin down
Oh, oh, oh it wont change

[Verse 2]

Look how well I represent / They can talk down I let em vent
These boys living in my house / Its just temporary I let em rent
Dont get too comfortable until I want you to
Dont think about dropping something new
Ill have you thought was hungrier eating lunchables for a month or two
Just have plan b to comfort you / You got it hey way to go
For those that talk that aint made the dough
It looks like you got a long way to go
Cant complain about radio and how radio is not playing your
Real music but you ask the real if they playing yall and they saying no
Them broke dreams / Them hoop dreams was just hope dreams
Thats the way that I look at yall
When yall talk to me like you know things
Weaklings like dope fiends / That will lie and tell ya theyll go clean
Dont really look like they eating great
But they tellin yall that thats protein
And them smoke screens / Looking around like whos stopping us
They could never stop destiny if I make a wish then its not for luck
The minute something get popular
You know hyper beast will start popping up
So whats stopping yall if youre stopping us?
A haters lifestyle has really gotta suck


But one thing I know about the game is itll never change

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