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Ces Cru - Que Lastima Lyrics

[Verse 1: Godemis]
Two stepping with a weapon on me
Doing the hammer dance, Imma rep this, show me
You don't want to advance incorrectly homie
Get a check to your neck and [?] key
We in the Midi, and mind you we major
Put it back on the map in the mind of a hater
In a mode of attack, I'm the alpha omega
Chop a couple of rails, do a line of it later
These are the breaks, the game's in a sling
Y'all motherfuckers better kneel, kiss the ring
Fans want me to do a song with
And I got to say I don't see that happening
Rap at the king, come for the crown
Fuck you pay me, I puff puff pound
Grab at the bling, bum rush the crowd
They don't really want me to bust bust ground
Just touched down, 81 6
Pinto music and 81 bricks
Y'all better lose it and make me come get
A KC Tea and some other dumb shit
And I get it with the killer city committee
Murdering em all and we all pack a billy
I kick up my feet and pack up a philly
I flip up the beat and crack up the ceiling
Rack up a milly, for real what's the dealy?
We ill, y'all road kill, fuck for really, playing with a marked deck
And in a minute Imma gotta pull a card, check
I been grinding my minding to get that
Dinner, it's all on the line and I find that iller
With lines on my mind all the time, that's filler
[?] I want to shaq and that's a Midwest willer

[Chorus: Ubiquitous]
Kids growing up so fast
Sweet 16 they load up the gat
Close up the casket
Too bad instead of that you should've had your punk ass kicked
Que lastima, ha, c'est la vie
Que sera sera, what'll be will be
Que lastima, ha, c'est la vie
Que sera sera, what'll be will be

[Verse 2: Angel Davanport]
My gosh, I'm a crafty speaker
Think on my, I got the baddest features
Look at them hands that'll fuck a [?]
Like campaign threats then I'll [?]
I'm the ether, constantly the conjure
Need to conquer demons, got you eaten
Beasts believe in, got you feenin
Respect everybody but you finna pledge allegiance
Count my blessings, I haven't reached it
Starving in my city but I'm eating
Carving out the gritty when you preaching
No pardons, little bitch you're tweaking
Scar you, machete happy when he feasts
Ces call me, I know they had me in their speakers
Flame bang, blow me out in their space
All dehydrate, leave me irate
[?] they say I flee from my gates
Niggas gon talk, it's just how they made
Show up in a rave, ain't even on tour
Cite me a band, invest to make more
Chest I'm this bored, probably don't send
When I call you bitch I mean to offend
Express with backhands and brazen insense
I guess you in line like I was your pimp
Shit nigga, I'm Jordan, you Pippen
On my name brand imposition
Wag like dogs, but I'm cold kitten
Out of your league, you keep forgetting
I can separate your [?] from your dome
Out of control, you niggas out, you already know
Got to be bold, ooh the whole world want to froze ya
Step in my ring, Imma [?]


[Verse 3: Ubiquitous]
They try to slow my speed and go by me
I focus my energy and throw my chi
You know my steed, Ces the method
Phone full of pics that they kept for reference
I'm moving on to the next progression
And bored in a plane where they check for weapons
No knives, liquids, or guns
Just can't decide which is the one
Knew I would drive when this shit begun
Jumped off the ride, bitch missed the fun
This is the one, guarantee UBI sip with some funds
Christmas will come
They puff tree and sip fists of rum
I take the cake, kids get the crumbs
Ball when I strike, hits and runs
Put em out in the field, raw deal
My flows are frozen, y'all chill
You don't what I'm holding, Caulfield
Catch! Rye whiskey, say goodbye to this beat
Truth my bullet proof, y'all lies will miss me
Strange all day, we've been signed officially
Look around the house, every eye is misty
Some of y'all tryna get me
Go 'head then, try me dickweed
A grimy great, I been taking my vitamins
Tango with the lyrical leviathan
Take a look at who I'm riding with
Little girls get faint at the slightest words
Grown man, heart attack at the sight of her
And the all fall out while I observe
I'm a fire bird, a phoenix
Rose up from ash, I need
Cold fucking cash
Soon as I see it, got to roll up and pass
I'm a geek, but believe it I'll sure bust your ass


Ces Cru lyrics

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