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Ces Cru - Power Play Lyrics

[Verse 1: Godemis]
Go head and move it, mama, I'm down to see you shake it
I live for money, honey, you make me wanna make it
I give a bloody fuck bout if you gots a couple rolls
I cut a line, you cut a rug, go head and touch your toes
And now we up in here acting like some fucking clowns
Tipping while we sipping, bout to order up another round
Spark it up to burn it down, ain't nobody's hurting now
Your bitch looking at me like I'm lunch, the tables turning round
W-A-V-Y, they can see why I be spazzing
The party go hard, we waking up, don't know what happened
From moody to laughing, to ready for action
Took another shot, sat down and watch that booty clappin'
She doing the back bend straight out of the Matrix
Something short of impressive the way she move them fake tits
Fronting like a slave, baby girl just want to take six
Cause she be the type of chick that I might wanna cave with
No mama, no drama here, I'm comfy without a care
Right after we get it in, we gon' get up out of there
Wouldn't bother teasing, baby girl ain't tryna play with ya
Six minutes, it's on and I got seven words to say to ya
Got her filling in the blaze like she filling out them pants
Niggas holding up the wall like they don't know how to dance
Ain't nobody as wavy the way we create in advance
We so Uncle Rico, we gon' stick them chicks up in their vans

[Chorus: Ubiquitous]
They think it's all sun rays and sippin Aliz
They tripping off fame, game different now-a-day
CES all day, hit them with the power play
They better drop down when me weapon calibrate, yeah!

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Let the song play and yes I'm read' to bone
Sexing weapon stretching, pressin' 'til ya epinephrine gone
Left impression on, it was nothing to give up after dome
That's a known threat, when Tech was on X, I went to the metronome
To the beat, what a week, for the peach I seek and I gotta go deep
On a beach, gonna reach lot of peaks, I skeet then I wanna go sleep
I'm the samba, run upon the nana
Gone like mom made bomb ganja lasagna
Got your mind in disarray, tripping of what a nigga say
Don't wanna make me get the K, take it away when you disobey
Left no life, we lose ya, rockets, rifles, Rugers
Thinking it blow and wouldn't be letting it
Cause you bite, no Bruiser
Better not a naan square nigga come and want some
Let her get your airfare, nigga, when the funk come
He fucking with family, I seen red
For reallies, we bucking, busting 'til everything dead
Off in my circle, everything red
Ballers, building bars, you better bring bread
Whoever wanna see me need a ticket
All the bitches got itches from me to stick it cause I'm wicked

[Chorus: Ubiquitous]

[Verse 3: Ubiquitous]
Oh, you wanna play? Cool, I wanna play
I can come through and break it down any kind of way
Hulk mindstate, radiate like gamma ray
All day, what Speedy Gonzales say: andal
Eh, say andal, Del like Lana Ray
They act tough but they melt like Monterey
See how them rise and then fell like economy
Kanye West, welcome to my dark fantasy
I sacrifice rap crews, never quality
When I wreck the beat, boy, I make no apology
Hot air they blow like wind then they gone away
Ish that y'all tolerate, I cannot accommodate
Ha, it's comedy the way I dominate
Nominate me for the modern day monarchy
Say what you wanna say if you wanna follow me
Know that the artistry pump through my arteries
Double O control, I'm so Sean Connery
In the game to gain my total autonomy
Eh, say la-da-di, flow till the water break
Hand over your heart and bow, namaste

[Chorus: Ubiquitous]

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