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Ces Cru - Galaxy Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ubiquitous and Godemis]
Hop in and take a cruise, drop what I am anchored to
They're jockin' my major moves when I rock cause I paid my dues
Trapped in the game for life, no lockin' the gate I'm screwed
I'm tense when I walk the yard, I'm watchin' my plate of food
Lost in the shade of blue, constantly chasin' green
Blackin' out when I rap, red is spread on ya face and jeans
Pull out the purple haze, roll up a lady J
Take it straight to the face and blow til it's Macy Gray
Movin' it right away, move with the right of way
The world could end tomorrow, it's true if you die today
The world's a stage, I'm wonderin' who am I in a play
Slip in the negative stress and the human mind'll decay
Soon I roll up a J, promise I'll never pray
Swervin' out of my lane like "Ooh, Am I in the way?"
Walkin' up in the sky, I'm movin' to higher stakes
Now feel the wind blow when I move and the wire shakes
Livin' the dream but I'm lucid and wide awake
You can try and escape but I'm used to these dire straights
Fuck is up, these rival crews act stupid and violate
They write the hate, it go to good use at my fireplace
The flow's Dylan, no use of fire escapes
A whole Krylon and spray a bomb on a freight
Train, we aimin' at 'em I'm in, I'm in a new position
With a slave on either side of me, is this our crucifixion
You heard it and now you have to see it
Burn it after you read it
The percapita meanest rap, we just happen to breed it
And when the fans see us, they say it's fancy to meet us
We were just smokin' under the bridge, Anthony Kiedis
Rhea and Stephanie had a fight with cancer and beat it
That's a dance with a demon, that's a chance and a reason
Point us to where the weed is, We don't follow a leader
I paint a picture, pourin' up I might swallow a liter
We can't be bothered with the motives of a bottom-feeder
My full page led us one in a million [?]
Yes, we chillin' on the beach, sippin the Sangria
Got me feelin' the breeze, driftin' like Pangea
Crossin' the continent, I ain't no movie star
More like Lewis and Clark, I'm just doin' my part
Look it, we bout to shine, they can stoop in the dark
We plan to innovate, stayin' true to the art
The Wu-Tang showed me what I can do with the darts
My crew hangs in the dantliest water with sharks
We got the spot carved, I hear a lot of remarks
Take a shot to the heart, we never stop what we start
No reply when I spark, It's not up for discussion
Zip it and listen you can hear that we both are for bustin'
Kinda like Travis Barker bangin' shit out on percussion
We bout to toss it back and forth, acapella for nothin
Bro you can tell em we're comin', I don't know when we're leavin'
I told my people what would happen and no one believed it
They swear they wanna be it, get a map and then read it
But if they ever come around being dangerous beat it
Gettin' wavy I'm leanin', Catch a fate when I feel it
There's no way to conceal it, look on my face'll reveal it
They don't know what the deal is, I don't know why they trip
Afraid of heights you might not wanna be as high as this
Take a look at the ground, shit'll give you the spins
Y'all out of ammo but know when we finna get it in
Yeah a sin is a sin, it ain't hard to remember
I'm straight if ain't nobody trippin' when I'm on a bender
Pimpin' I said it right at center, I'm on a life adventure
I like ya temper, I invite the fight to my contenders
Cold like December, the flow is cold like ice of winter
The winner in show, Dave is known as the great inventor
Reppin' the city, it's funny you fuckin' with us
Assumin' you found a army, you plan on comin' to get us
Gettin' rid of 'em all, line 'em against the wall
Even while sippin' liquor I'm quicker when on the draw
Y'all, I'm tidal wavy like I run through funds
And seein' double but what's funny is I lug two guns
Practice the art of war of Sun Tzu, Duck
Y'all ain't smokin' on that ces unless it come through us
Checka one two one, I pierce an arrow through yo shogun's lungs
Ya squad is finished, we should call y'all done
Jacob's ladder, no rungs
We gettin' higher settin' fire to press kits
One thousand miles and runnin' motorin' with this Ces shit
Keep in focus, we in the mode again, back at the podium
Throw up ya mothafuckin' hands
Like when you hear the clack of a loaded gun
Anything on the ground is that bet we, we're better than y'all
And I'm gettin' money while chewin' he's at ease
Medicine ball, set us in motion, let it spin
Fans screamin' at us, "Yo let us in"
But then again, talkin' all that mess
Is what get 'em jettisoned
Vanquishin' any veteran, ain't no settlin'
Sucka we been in the clan, bustin' forever now let 'em tier

Ces Cru lyrics