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Centro-matic - Twenty Four Lyrics

Well, I never felt this way at twenty-four
With the fiends and ghouls and darkness at my door
But I can substantiate that you're my friend
I will try to leave all my suspicious ways
And the presence of my demons every day
Things you might not want to know anyway

And they might just complicate this new life that we
But I'm trying every day to improve and not conform
Stick with what we're fighting for
Like the simple times before, at twenty-four
There are cowards that our public has elected
Killers, thieves and things that I could never be
And I never claimed perfection, but seriously
You can bet they'll chalk it up to their religion
You can bet they won't acknowledge you or me
Dirty deeds in SUV's, that ain't me

So I'm calling all the ones that I have loved
Heroes, confidants and all my enemies
Hold it strong a little longer, that's the key
And for you that stood beside be at beginning
And for you that might escort me to my end
This is my humble salute to you, my friend

Centro-matic lyrics